An introduction is in order.

lit matchOnly New Mistakes was created as a place to share what has worked, and what hasn’t for the various software development teams I’ve been a member of and lead over the last decade or so. These are my opinions and not those of my various employers past or present (National Instruments, Bazaarvoice, or WP Engine.) They are the learnings from good times, and bad times. At times they are the best answer I have discovered, and at times they are only the least bad thing I know to do in a situation.

Topics for this blog will cover everything and everything involved in running a successful software development team. Topics like hiring and recruiting, software development lifecycles, testing methodologies, individual and team development, recognition, communication, and much more will be covered. This is meant to be a firestarter to discussions, rather than some guy spouting off on the Internet, so please join in on Twitter or another social media platform.